Print tests exploring the use of greyscale within an image

rp1bwtest   rpwb1test   rpwb2test

Screen printed images made from a series of stone rubbings I took of the inside of the old railway tunnel I have been exploring as a location. The prints took on a new dimension when I started working with white on black and I have been exploring the use of different papers (white and black) and using different layers of ink (white, black and tinted black) to create images that maintain a sense depth.


A screen print test I made onto a printed layer of blue/black.

lithoprep1   lithoprep2

Starting to prepare a lithography stone with a drawing.

The very physical process of stone litho is what attracts me the most to using it as a printing method for some of my drawings. I also want to explore the textural elements of my stone rubbings using stone litho too, as I like the idea of taking rubbings from stones and realising them using stone – an element integral to this haptic and physically engaging lithographic process.