First complete three – plate colour print using water bite aquatint.

3 colour print

‘Horizon Experiment’

Copper plate x 3

Each 13cm in diameter

Although not  the most perfect of prints, and the alignment definitely needs some work, I am really pleased with how this technique worked to get the effects I was after. I have use water bite aquatint on each plate and also added sugar lift to one of the plates too to emulate the texture of the sea.

I am using circular imagery more in my work now, as I feel it helps describe the subjectivity of the gaze, and also helps to enhance the element of division of ‘view’ within landscape as a whole. The circle has many connotations, however I am using it simply to address my interest in the circle as a direct representation of our eye, and of the many devices we use to look through in order to focus the gaze; ie glasses, telescope, microscope.