Mapping a Fractured Landscape


On arriving in a new city that sees little daylight and is enclosed by looming mountains and a cold sea, the process of linking personal physicality to a sense of place was a challenging one. Each day shone a few hours of light on the landscape, giving me a brief snapshot of my surroundings before the impending darkness inked out any familiarity I had begun to feel with certain landmarks or the shape of the horizon.

Thus I began to start work exploring the reaction I was having to this somewhat fractured experience of a landscape and place. I felt a very strong sense of imagery from my surroundings, however it seemed displaced and I became unable to link what I was seeing to other landmarks and places. It was as if I were slowly building up a sort of ‘map’ in my mind’s eye, but whenever I hovered musingly over a certain location or view, it somehow morphed into a similar yet notably different place.

My image – making started to reflect the confused and fractured landscapes I was seeing and trying to piece together, and has formed the foundation of what is to be a new body of work exploring both the newness and the growing familiarity of learning a foreign landscape.