Workshop assistant at CFPR

Over the academic break I am working as an assistant for the Centre for Fine Print Research at UWE as part of their programme of summer courses. I will be shadowing the course leaders and helping to prepare and engage with the processes involved; working with and also alongside the students in order to gain knowledge and experience in the field of print research and teaching practices. The two courses I’m involved with are ‘Water-based Screen Printing  and Ceramic Transfer’ led by Dave Fortune and ‘Photogravure: An Early Photographic Printing Process with a Modern Twist’ led by Peter Moseley.

After settling back in Bristol after my return from Bergen Academy of Art and Design I was keen to not let my art practice and research slip, however due to various (ridiculous) rules regarding insurance and other such issues – students aren’t permitted to use the facilities at UWE between June and the end of September. So in order to try and get around this I spent a great deal of time applying for various internships and generally pestering until they let me come and assist with some of the workshops!

I will be posting progress updates and results from the workshops as and when they appear.

Information about the Centre for Fine Print Research and about Peter Moseley’s PhD research into Portraiture and Early Photographic Printing can be found by following the links below.